This the home of "Programming in Harbour and HMG - A Beginners Guide"; a guide to computer programming using the Harbour computer programming language and the Harbour Mini Graphics ( HMG) user interface.

The intention of this guide is to introduce readers with no previous experience of computer programming, as well as those with previous experience of any computer language based on the xBase language (such as Clipper), to develop the skills necessary to create computer programs that can run on any Microsoft Windows based computer.

To achieve this objective, I have created a "learning project" called ePortfolio. The guide contains several sections which focus on the step-by-step development of each of the main features of the program with each chapter explaining all of the computer code used. Additional sections will act as a reference by introducing and explaining key concepts, capabilities and features of the Habour programming language which are the "building blocks" of almost all computer programming languages.

>> Section 1 Overview